How Allgenesis Evaluated Unique Endpoints to Advance its Phase

In this webinar, Sally Tucker, President of Global Services for Lexitas, is joined by the leadership team of Voxeleron and Allgenesis to discuss their collaboration on a recent phase two study for diabetic macular edema (DME). The panelists highlight the importance of imaging and biomarkers in ophthalmology clinical trials and share their experiences working with Lexitas’ reading center and Voxeleron’s AI technology. They discuss the value of real-time access to data, the role of biomarkers in assessing drug efficacy, and the benefits of post-hoc analysis. The panelists also emphasize the need for a responsive and flexible reading center that can handle multiple imaging formats. Overall, the webinar provides valuable insights into the use of imaging and biomarkers in ophthalmology clinical trials. Featuring: * Tan Nguyen: Vice President of Research and Development at Allgenesis Biotherapeutics. * Janet Cheatham: Clinical Consultant at Allgenesis. * Sunil Patel: Chief Medical Officer at Allgenesis. * Daniel Russakoff: Chief Technology Officer at Voxeleron

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